The IMKC Clothing Company was born from an energy that begets an electric feeling of pride and affection for the town of Kansas City that we all love. The concept behind the designs in the line speaks to the relevance that our sports teams, local influences and cultural experiences have brought to us all.

The energy created by the launch of the IMKC line is reminiscent of powerful social movements from the past. With an element of street savvy, briskly coupled with dynamic colors and hot images, this line has experienced amazing growth from the start. The designs are minimalistic, elegant, and sleek. The colors correlate with seasonal and sports concepts; and present a relevant fashionable flair. With items that fit all sizes and tastes, ‘I’m Kansas-citians” of all ages can be seen sporting their hometown gear.

Whether you define it as a movement, a campaign, or a marketing storm, the IMKC experience is monumental! Our agenda is simple. To create a line of clothing that allows proud Kansas-Citians to express their dedication to, and their love for our city. This bold endeavor is not just unprecedented, but it is also unstoppable.

With designs that market themselves, and notable consumers who don’t hesitate to show their support of “IMKC”, via various social media sources, this line is destined to become “Our Hometown Uniform”.

“Clothing is the canvas by which we paint the expressions of our lives “ -KHK